The Wildwoods, NJ – June 23, 2022 – Morey’s Piers is proud to partner with Tri-State Roundnet to bring America’s newest and fastest net game to the beaches of the Wildwoods during the Jersey Shore Spikefest Saturday, July 9. Inspired by elements of volleyball and four-square, Roundnet is quickly becoming one of America’s fastest-growing sports.

Jersey Shore Spikefest will be held at Morey’s PigDog Beach Bar, located on the beach at the end of Mariners Landing Pier at Schellenger Avenue.

The game of Roundnet is played between two teams of two people. Players are positioned at four points around the net, with partners located at neighboring positions. One player serves the ball across the net to the opposing team member. The opposing team then has three hits to return the ball to the net. After the serve, and there are no boundaries of play. Participants are free to run, set, and spike the ball from anywhere around the net. Play continues until a team fails to return the ball or the ball hits a rim piece, at which point the point ends, and the other team receives one point.

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